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Nature, Reality, & Buddhism
极乐洞 Cavern of Utmost Happiness (Deities & Spirits) - Photos taken in 2009

[Image: 8xOLwKn.jpg]

[Image: lylxBrH.jpg]

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[Image: FGqm40y.jpg]

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MH370:  My Prophetic Dream

I had an odd dream in the early hours of March 8, 2014 (alongside the event).  It was not an overstatement to think of it as a prophetic dream.  The dream began when I saw an open black sky.  Then I saw the meteor shower.  The next thing I knew, I saw a white van hovering in the sky.  Suddenly I had a vision of a cabriolet and without any warning, it was struck very quickly on the right side.  It made a somersault to the left and spontaneously I had a glance at the meat in a twisted metal.  Finally, my vision shifted to a front with an H-shaped image.  Taking the index of the above dream, I would like to share my anecdote about what happened with MH370 on March 8, 2014: -
1.  It did not begin with a mechanical mistake, a hijacking, or a suicidal act.  Simply put, the plane was just in the wrong place, but at the right moment and in the right conditions.  This was nothing more than a natural tragedy.
2.  The aircraft was probably struck by a meteorite in a flash that ignited the cockpit.  Such a sudden concussion was somewhat surprising and could have knocked the pilot off his feet for some time.  With the control wheel suddenly pulled aft, the aircraft started climbing steadily to 47,000 feet.
3.  This was followed by a quick decompression in the cockpit.  The reinforced cockpit door could have temporarily precluded decompression in the cabin with the passengers.  In the meantime, the pilot(s) could have been seriously injured and made a determined effort to save the aircraft by entering autopilot mode.
4.  In a matter of seconds, an explosive decompression occurred in the cabin because of the great variation in air pressure at high altitude with a thundering noise, i.e. when the aircraft climbed to 47,000 feet.  At the same time, the fire in the cockpit was immediately put out (imaging for opening a bottle of champagne).
5.  Thick fog immediately engulfed the interior of the cabin because the relative humidity of the cabin air changed as the air cooled and condensed.  All crews and passengers were likely to have blacked out or died as a result of the explosive decompression in the cabin.  A scene of total silence filled both the cabin and the cockpit.
6.  On autopilot, the aircraft continued to cruise below 30,000 feet and taxied through the Indian Ocean.  The pilot performed a highly professional job during a severe emergency by placing the aircraft in the least populated area, such as the vast Indian Ocean.  This was a reasonable response based on the low probability of landing after losing communication with the ground control tower.
7.  The aircraft automatically adjusted to the pre-defined settings and continued to navigate at a much lower altitude, i.e. near the aircraft's landing altitude; thereby avoiding all forms of radar detection in neighbouring countries.  The aircraft travelled through the Andaman Islands and up to the Maldives Islands at the southern tip before turning back around as shown on the Google map.
8.  The aircraft ran out of fuel in the Indian Ocean, somewhere close to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.  It was likely to slide through the ocean with very little debris on the surface of the water and could well remain afloat for some time.  It continued to transmit the electronic ping signal before finally sinking to the bottom of the ocean. 
9.  In a nutshell, there was no fault of any kind.  It was simply a natural tragedy - the aircraft was in the wrong place at the right time and under the right conditions.
[Image: DyLn5LW.jpg]
[Image: oJen4yP.jpg]

[Image: 11YwUnn.jpg]
[Image: bty59hU.jpg]

[Image: v5JXYWV.jpg]

[Image: na3Xx6R.jpg]

[Image: XsLMvhp.jpg]

[Image: f7kuLHa.jpg]

[Image: BMe9wZ5.jpg]

[Image: ZHmGxQI.jpg]

[Image: QI9BH58.jpg]

[Image: PII1GDP.jpg]

[Image: tiQwx6c.jpg]
[Image: 7NlSPJf.jpg]

[Image: xeHNeBZ.jpg]

[Image: qaKGbII.jpg]

[Image: 8sQhPg2.jpg]

[Image: oz7l1SY.jpg]

[Image: 4G5ZMKC.jpg]

[Image: RvvbZz2.jpg]

[Image: IFhL8aj.jpg]

[Image: Uh05mLG.jpg]

[Image: Mmtnm2E.jpg]
[Image: y42QYbY.jpg]

[Image: zpcAKeQ.jpg]

[Image: gDmFVQi.jpg]

[Image: WPv27Rq.jpg]

[Image: qkBIINr.jpg]

[Image: y6RtVrR.jpg]

[Image: 3wPQcAa.jpg]

[Image: J9oORqK.jpg]

[Image: y8FyQsQ.jpg]

[Image: DVge6H9.jpg]
[Image: 9XbcL1c.jpg]

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[Image: iDJ8noE.jpg]

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