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Nature, Reality, & Buddhism
Birth And Rebirth
For general comprehension, rebirth is not transmigration.  A single soul does not migrate from one physical body to another spontaneously as soon as it matures.  In Buddhism, rebirth refers to the evolution of an individual’s consciousness or stream of consciousness.  This means that the new consciousness that appears in the same person (in the new person after death) is neither identical nor wholly different from the old consciousness, but it is part of a continuum of causation or stream with it.
The underlying cause of this persistent reappearance of the personality is the consciousness that remains in ignorance; when ignorance is eradicated, rebirth comes to an end.  For example, a flame is transferred from one candle to another, or the fire propagates from one field to another.  Just as it depends upon the original fire, there is a conditioned relationship between one life and the other; they are not identical, but they are not completely distinct either.
Meanwhile, the rebirth may take place from a separate source with several different personalities at some point in time, just as the genetic line changes from generation to generation.  Typically, most individuals were unable to remember each other’s past lives because of the assimilated heritage of the myriad of ancestral sources.  However, some people vividly remember their past life and the whole episode depends on the density of legacy elements as shown below: -

[Image: uj9dR9J.jpg]
[Image: 4Lxr8U3.jpg]
[Image: b5Po94B.jpg]
[Image: IJpnehl.jpg]
Coffee Inside A Mug

Let's say the original coffee is one of the specialty brewed beverages: -

100% original coffee in a mug
300ml   hot liquid water
70%     coffee powder 
30%     condensed milk

Supposedly, by accident, the mug broke and its contents splashed around, that is,

30%   onto the table,
40%   onto the floor,
5%     onto the wall,
10%   onto the drain,
5%     vapourised into thin air,
10%   remaining in the broken mug.

A cleaner then wiped off the remaining liquid coffee with a cloth in a sequential order starting from the table, floor, then the wall.  Afterward, the cleaner pressed the damp cloth and the remaining coffee liquid was poured into three separate cups, namely:

Cup 1   80% full of liquid tea mixture,
Cup 2   90% full of liquid mocha mixture,
Cup 3   55% full of mineral water.

At present, say 300ml of properties is a reference for a specially qualified brewed beverage.  The cleaner would fill the respective cups with liquids coming out of the cloth which, in short, the original coffee residue came off the table, floor, and wall earlier.

In this case, the new 300ml of liquids is based on the original coffee before a freshly brewed beverage is considered feasible. But this is not to say that the original coffee is the sole ancestral source.  There are other dependent factors like pre-filled liquids and new cups.

In the end, the newly blended liquids in Cup 1, Cup 2, and Cup 3 are neither the same nor totally different from the old coffee liquid.  This means that a conditioned relation exists between one liquid and the other; it is not identical, but it is not entirely distinct.
Ion Drives The World
An ion is an atom or molecule charged as a result of the imbalanced number of electrons and the number of protons in the atom or molecule.  One atom may become a positive charge or a negative charge depending on whether the number of electrons within an atom is greater or smaller than the number of protons within the atom.  Also, ion concentrations may vary over short distances, namely that one end of a room may be found to have an excess of positive ions and the other end negative.
In essence, positive ions adversely affect humans and animals.  Some of the side effects caused by high positive ion counts are violent behaviour, depression, lethargy, respiratory symptoms, migraines, etc.  On the contrary, negative ions benefit humans and animals.  There is scientific evidence that a large number of negative ions will reduce fatigue, strengthen the function of autonomic nerves, strengthen the body's immune system, improve metabolism, lower blood pressure, etc. 
On a different front, the defined proportion of ions in the atmosphere is directly related to the manifestation of spirits in the human domain.  Positive ions can affect human thought or behaviour with negative elements such as bad will, agitation, pessimism, etc.  For example, common areas such as windowless and closed rooms, abandoned houses, hospitals, factories, and old buildings - derelict and overgrown states have become an ideal gateway for wandering spirits into the human world.
Furthermore, any spirit close to our physical body could cause severe headaches, nausea, and unexpected lethargy - an obvious indication of the high density of positive ions in the surrounding area.  Somehow, a human suffering from mental or physical illness would easily attract spirits due to more positive ions in the environment.   In the long run, the presence of high negative ions would bring many benefits to man.  And ion could be a determining factor in the mental and physical welfare of individuals.
How to effectively keep ghosts and spirits away?

1.  All you need to do is get an ioniser.  It purifies the air in a room by electrically charging air molecules and removes positive ions from the air.  The positive ions are the backdrop to the ghostly demonstration.
2.  An alternative way is to get a wire brush and place it close to your presence (within a certain boundary radius).  Based on my first-hand experience, it always works, especially when I'm staying in a hotel or abroad.  Sharp objects have poisonous arrows that would kill the chance for ghostly manifestation.  At least it could weaken the phantom energy.  In a nutshell, poison arrows must be directed outward to be effective, and give it a try, it would work magic.
 [Image: hIooR1M.jpg]
[Image: iUAL3Fk.jpg]
[Image: pRk3EA3.jpg]
[Image: T2VrGRy.jpg]
[Image: Odp4iKR.jpg]
[Image: minzr5L.jpg]
[Image: KtfMte0.jpg]
[Image: HGzY6S1.jpg]
[Image: W4yIrX7.jpg]

Gopeng Glamping Park
(Photos taken on 29-06-2023)
What is the precise way to comprehend our existence in this life cycle?
Neytiri: Our great mother does not take sides, Jake; she protects the balance of life.
The above excerpt from the movie "Avatar" hit the spot.  According to Chinese philosophy, everything is a combination of yin and yang.  The principle of yin-yang dictates: when a quality reaches its zenith, it naturally begins to transform into an opposing quality.  Uniting the two brings something.  In other words, the elements of yin and yang are shifting, as a current in the ocean, a retreat completes each progression, and each ascension is transformed into a fall.  Ultimately, it is all about balancing the dichotomy between yin (decay) and yang (flourish) – the competing and complementary forces - the victor claims the throne.
In a nutshell, there is no particular period of life or time for the dead after a period of life per se.  All existences would rise and fall simultaneously and infinitely under the influences of kamma-vipaka.  By convention, we live and die at the same time and at every moment.  Both life and death are human constructs, that is, they are just different concepts from mental consciousness.  What we have used to affirm like me, you, or we are simply expressions of our mind to understand daily communication.  It ignores the dichotomy between life and death, and Mother Nature is not taking sides either.
Moreover, life doesn’t have a real purpose.  If things are made to be, they shall be, and vice versa.  The applicable principle:  this arising, that arises; this ceasing, that ceases.  Ultimately, we are nothing more than manipulations of our own mental consciousness.  It means that the truth doesn’t wait until we figure it out.  The truth begins in you because “you are the truth”.  Once again, you’re creating truths and no one else.  Seeing this truth is hard for individuals because their eyes cannot perceive their own eyes.  For example, a duck or a cow is a created truth.  Specifically, this type of truth is also known as conventional truth, that is, subjective-cum-relative. 
In other words, the orientation of truth depends on the observer, namely the subject’s mind to feed the description, definition, recognition, or valuation on the other side of the object or matter.  And the final conclusion varies from one observer or mind to another.  For example, if you introduced an iPhone to a caveman, he would describe it as a worthless hard object.  And if you had to show it to an ant, it would become a gigantic and heavy item.  Likewise, in various situations, you may be called a son, a father, a preacher, a student, a Caucasian, an American, a buyer, or a stranger.  Ultimately, the observer will provide the recognition according to his or her respective perceptions.
Meanwhile, for one who believes in the existence of God as the creator of the universe, every life in the cosmos would rise and fall into God’s kingdom.  This means that all beings or things are the essential constituents of God and hence, as humans, we may also be known as namesake gods.  Likewise:
Had you been born in the Kingdom of Great Britain,
you would be known as a Briton;
Had you been born in the Kingdom of Spain,
you would be known as a Spanish;
Had you been born in the Kingdom of France,
you would be known as a French.
Realising the whole perspective of Mother Nature is what enlightenment is about in Buddhism.  It is regarded as the zenith of all phenomena with the attributes of emptiness, that is, the supreme state of all things.  For a theist, this phenomenon is also called the Supreme One or God.  That is the most profound fact where nothing can be recognised beyond its periphery.  After all, it is always true that you are responsible for your own happiness and sorrow. You will always be disappointed if you expect others to bring happiness to you.  Remember that you are a god, so don't be afraid to be a god.  Do not be depressed, simply impress!
[Image: b6cWvjC.jpg]

Spirits caught on my OPPO smartphone during the beginning of the
Jade Emperor’s prayer outside my house on 30-01-2023.
[Image: hrnh6J8.jpg]
[Image: LexwILo.jpg]
A traffic accident occurred at NKVE (2016)
[Image: SbR5CLC.jpg]

[Image: gk3M0gl.jpg]

[Image: pIhxK26.jpg]

[Image: 9aSyc1z.jpg]
[Image: 5bTLVPL.jpg][Image: pbat8gu.jpg]
[Image: zMSMtY1.jpg]

[Image: W0YMgRG.jpg]

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