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Nature, Reality, & Buddhism
[Image: 3mbwgV8.jpg]

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[Image: KYkIZ1h.jpg]
[Image: xBh1nm7.jpg]
A monkey, a baboon, & a Fu Dog were seen in the clouds in Ara Damansara (Subang Oasis), Selangor.  
This photo was shot on 31-05-2023 (18:13).
[Image: hNMz3kv.jpg]

[Image: GgAOzyW.jpg]

[Image: gMWYwGt.jpg]

     A baboon & a Crescent-moon partner were seen in the clouds in Ara Damansara (Subang Oasis), Selangor. 
This photo was shot on 01-06-2023 (18:48).
[Image: gNzdvop.jpg]

[Image: YRamdUl.jpg]

[Image: jvYVE4o.jpg]

      Journey to the West  西遊記
Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing were seen in the clouds at Subang Airport Road, Selangor.  
This photo was shot on 02-06-2023 (18:33).
(WESAK DAY 2023)

[Image: JkIryTF.jpg]

    A general in ancient China was seen in the clouds in Menjalara, Kuala Lumpur.
This photo was shot on 04-06-2023 (18:19).
[Image: eNrlwfq.jpg]

[Image: F8p4esY.jpg]

      An Arabian man was seen in the clouds in Ara Damansara (Subang Oasis), Selangor. 
This photo was shot on 09-06-2023 (18:30).

[Image: W0IhLeG.jpg]
[Image: lvaEYWp.jpg]
   A long-nosed monkey was seen in the clouds at Subang Airport Road, Selangor. 
This photo was shot on 09-06-2023 (18:47)
[Image: 6vUrGI3.jpg]

[Image: 9neaiTG.jpg]

      A Naga () was seen in the clouds at Subang Airport Road, Selangor.
This photo was shot on 15-06-2023 (18:44).

[Image: 7BkbZwR.jpg]

[Image: wz6pEIk.jpg]

     A Fu Dog was seen in the clouds at Subang Airport Road, Selangor.
This photo was shot on 20-06-2023 (18:30).

The Real Life of Annabelle
State Of The Mind
Generally, the mind consists of an amalgamation of dominant and subtle aspects that would interact differently in the circumstances, as described below: -
The dominant mental consciousness would fall into a sleepy state when we are asleep.  It is because it is apparently linked to the physical body and there is a biological clock that regulates the length of time to stay awake and rest.  As for subtle-mental consciousness, it has been able to function independently and would continue to function unpretentiously while the body is in rest mode.
For example, you still have visions in your dreams, even with your eyes closed while you sleep.  And dreams are images, thoughts, or emotions that cross the mind during sleep.  In other words, we could say that subtle mental consciousness functions as a VCR – analogue audio and analogue video recording from broadcast TV so that images and sound can be played at a more convenient time.
Near-death Experience (NDE)
We may have heard of a number of reported cases related to impending death, out-of-body experience, and vision of light at the end of the tunnel. Typically, the mind has succumbed to an altered condition with the following illustration: -

[Image: Uk9f40R.jpg]
For NDE, the two distinct mental expressions would interact in a similar way to joint dislocation.  The subtle-mental consciousness has a central role in discerning the respective external experiences, whereas the dominant mental consciousness would become temporarily inactive.  

Actually, the sight of light at the end of the tunnel is basically Buddha’s nature, namely the innate state of the mind which is embedded in all sentient beings (clear light).  It is also known as the imperious black hole in the innate mind of all individuals that is potent and radiant. 
During enlightenment, the dominant mental consciousness would play a prominent role in observation, while the subtle mental consciousness would remain subdued.  The dominant mental consciousness is similar to a mind in command, that is, an influential mind that can direct, take charge, focus, make decisions, and transmit action. 
At this point, it is unfettered by the monkey-like thoughts; a state of pure observation in itself.  It means observing without identifying with the thoughts that the subtle consciousness flows.  Ultimately, the systemic migration of thought identification into observation is known as the progressive manifestation of Buddha’s nature.

[Image: NnNilJ3.jpg]

Essentially, the dominant mind consciousness was able to discern the seed treasures of karma throughout the series of its past lives in crystalline clarity.  This is primarily due to the elements of memory and information embodied in the subtle consciousness.  In addition, it could also predict future events that are commonly referred to as déjà vu.

Mental Transformation From Ignorance Into Realisation

Buddha’s nature exists within the innate faculty of all beings and things.  It’s just a matter of time before we discover such a reality through enlightenment.  For a general understanding, the nature of Buddha may also be recognised as the black hole of emptiness, as shown in the following illustrations:
[Image: r7t9Cld.jpg]
[Image: ymbzzuW.jpg]
Progressive State Of Mind
1.  Mind A is somewhat stronger and more agile than Mind B.
[Image: IzzfSj2.jpg]

2.  Mind C is more ignorant than Mind D.
    [Image: bAoNTD1.jpg]
3.  Mind E is at peace. 
[Image: VosTquS.jpg]
4.  With the surrounding waves of dependent phenomena, the mind is obscured to discern the deepest truth.
[Image: uxfKv5M.jpg]
5.  Without the waves of dependent phenomena, the mind is capable of discerning the most profound fact about things in clear crystal.
6.  Without phenomena, dependent nature would gradually disappear.  The mind is then completely exposed to the deepest truth.
[Image: KlkOMuP.jpg]
7.  In full realisation, the mind is permanently absorbed into the black hole of emptiness.

[Image: vz97LFo.jpg]
8.  Without the mind, infinite, immutable, and unconditional happiness will rise to prominence, namely nibbāna.

Vijja and Jhāna

In Buddhism, vijja refers to the higher or pure knowledge obtained by the mind after reaching the different stages of jhāna, namely a state of altered consciousness with deep tranquillity and focus.  Vijja serves as a reflection of the awakening state attained by mental consciousness through profound meditation.  While practising meditation, it is crucial to invoke the state of jhāna that will culminate in the manifestation of a black hole of emptiness that is powerful and radiant. 

In other words, jhāna is the foundation of psychic powers unearthed in individuals.   This means that there is an imperious black hole in the innate mind of all individuals which is also known as the Clear Light in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  With the accumulated psychic abilities, one could perform a myriad of miracles, like time travel, spiritual healing, observation of past lives, the feeling of déjà vu, etc.

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