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How Singapore’s vibrant hawker culture – a ‘foodie’s delight’
How Singapore’s vibrant hawker culture – a ‘foodie’s delight’ – unifies its multiracial society
  • City state has applied to have its beloved hawker scene, which dates back to mid-1800s, recognised on Unesco List of Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Thousands of owners of food stalls – popular with locals and tourists – form Facebook group to promote their businesses during Covid-19 outbreak

For more than three decades, hawker Melvin Chew has been selling traditional Teochew braised duck and kway chap – flat, broad rice noodles in a soup made with dark soy sauce served with a variety of pig innards – at Chinatown Complex Food Centre, located in Singapore’s city centre.

The 42-year-old Singaporean is one of thousands of hawkers who operate stalls in hawker centres around the city state, which are frequented by residents and tourists alike.

“In a hawker centre, you can see all sorts of food,” he says. “You can have Malay food, Indian food and Chinese food – a mass of varieties which you can hardly find in a restaurant.”

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