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Dr M, Hadi and Muhyiddin — the 3 blind mice
[Image: ed537abc-mahathir_hadi-and-muhyiddin.jpg]

From Clement Stanley

Three Blind Mice – the popular nursery rhyme – could have been written with the presidents of PAS, Bersatu and a former prime minister in mind — all of whom have gone way past their shelf life.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Abdul Hadi Awang and Muhyiddin Yassin are blinded by their lust for power at any expense and don’t see the need for stability.

With the impending six state elections, their only strategy is to play the race and religion card over and over again.

Why can’t they, for a change, talk about how they can improve the quality of life for all of us if given the opportunity to lead the government, be it at the state or federal level?

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