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NASA shares first video and audio, new images from Mars Perseverance rover

(CNN)During its harrowing descent to the surface of Mars last Thursday, NASA's Perseverance rover captured video that the agency is calling "How to Land on Mars." The video, along with other newly released footage, gives earthlings back home a better sense of the sights and sounds on the red planet.

Cameras on "Percy," as the rover is affectionately called at mission control, show for the first time the perspective of a spacecraft landing on Mars. The video begins 230 seconds after the rover entered the Martian atmosphere, with the inflation of the rover's parachute 7 miles above the Martian surface, and ends with the rover touching down on the surface.

The first audio of Mars was also picked up briefly by a microphone on the rover, which captured a few seconds of a Martian breeze and sounds of the rover operating once it reached the surface.

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