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ALTANTUYA BOMBSHELL! - Najib At Last Invites Himself To The Witness Stand
ALTANTUYA BOMBSHELL! - Najib At Last Invites Himself To The Witness Stand Over Malaysia's Murder Of The Century!

[Image: f0e3edf0a25c3258d84f956534dc47c3cd68b798.jpg]

Once more, the highly innocent Najib Razak (read his Facebook) has been shocked and outraged by accusations over his alleged involvement in improprieties, this time the ghastly murder of his ‘translator’ at the hands of his bodyguards.

And again, the former prime minister is dismayed that the legal authorities in the country should move to examine evidence of his role, with a view to potential prosecution. His existing convictions over the mega-fraud 1MDB are being appealed after all.

Most Malaysians know the tragic story of Altantuya’s disappearance and death only too well, erupting as it did on the cusp of Najib’s ousting of the previous prime minister to take his place.

Najib’s right hand man Razak Baginda, who was for a time a defendant in the case, had admitted to being Altantuya’s lover while she was acting as ‘translator’ during Najib’s massive (and highly crooked) purchase of Scorpene submarines from France as minister of defence.

Malaysians also know that the eventual trial was a farce, during which the charges against Baginda were inexplicably dropped and neither he nor Najib were even called to give evidence or be cross-examined.

Throughout the episode Najib was treated as a VVIP, who needed protecting from the fray and Baginda classed himself a victim too.

In the end two of Najib’s official bodyguards were convicted of kidnapping and shooting the Mongolian lady, after which they blew her into smithereens with sophisticated weapons grade explosives, without a single motive being established for them doing such a thing.

Neither of the men knew her after all.  But they knew where to find her, which was right outside Baginda’s house where she had been demanding an alleged payment of $500,000 owed to her for the translation and other services relating to Scorpene.

The date was 18th October 2006, and ever since numerous parties (including Altantuya’s family) have attempted to hold Najib, Baginda and their senior ADC Musa Safri to account for their own involvement in the matter, without success.

All Najib and those around him have ever done is pull out all the stops to suppress the evidence and duck being questioned.

Until today that is, when a so-called Letter Of Demand was directed to the former Attorney General Tommy Thomas from Najib’s notorious personal lawyer, Shaffee Abdullah, threatening to issue a writ on Friday if Thomas does not retract his statements about the issue in his book and pay Najib RM10 million.
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