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Myvi jerking on Slope/Hill climbing at high speed
(01-30-2021, 11:00 PM)mr.potq Wrote:
(01-30-2021, 10:57 PM)onikka Wrote:
(01-30-2021, 11:38 AM)ck118 Wrote: I have experienced the same problem. First of all, replaced the spark plugs and everything will be OK again.  But u need send ur car to workshop to check the main problem.

yea, of course. First need to send to the workshop for inspection then do necessary repairs. After that, find a good solution to maintain the condition of your car fuel system in the long run so that lesser and lesser of such things to happen in the future.

then Petronas Primax 97 with Pro-Race is the perfect solution to your problem.
really? how is that so?
They have formulation that can reduce engince friction. I think that is the one that should make the car feel less jerky. I uses this petrol for about 2 weeks also can feel the difference, now feel more power and got more mileage.

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