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Are we becoming a toxic nation?
[Image: shankar-r-santhiram-columnist-new-170321-1.jpg]
In life and at work, we meet all sorts of people. Some will be wonderful, some are dysfunctional, and yet others might be weird or odd. But, the nastiest type of co-worker or pseudo-friend is the one who is toxic.

The same goes for your bosses. There will be many whom you will like. Some may be hard on you, but you will still accept them, because you trust them. But, the most damaging leader is the one who is toxic.

Leaving aside your bosses at work, it is clear that leaders of some groups, political parties, and even the nation, have a dark side. And, their inherent toxicity has somehow taken hold of the nation.

If you are an observer of the country’s political landscape, you will notice that toxic thinking and behaviour is becoming more prevalent.

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