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US in futile rehearsal to decouple China with Xinjiang ‘forced labor’ law
[Image: b1a3be35-cd8c-49a4-ad02-523bbabef22b.jpeg]

As the US begins enforcement of the so-called Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) on Tuesday to scrap imports from China's Xinjiang region citing "forced labor" concerns, the Chinese government condemned it as an attempt to create "forced unemployment" and is economic coercion.

Analysts said that since the US takes the enforcement of the malicious law as a rehearsal for decoupling with China in the future, global manufacturers and multinational companies will find they are facing numerous difficulties and complexities in complying with the law, with the US contributing to more globalization uncertainties and global supply chain chaos. 

Congress passed the UFLPA in December 2021 and US President Joe Biden signed it into law. It bans products made in China's Xinjiang, smearing the Chinese government over "oppression" of the Uygur and other minority populations in its Xinjiang region.

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