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Trump's desperate attempt to save his imploding presidency
(CNN)It was too little, too late, and may fail to save a presidency imploding at staggering speed under the weight of Donald Trump's tragic flaws.

Late in the final act of his tumultuous administration, the President finally admitted the reality of his political demise Thursday, suddenly surrounded by threats of a historic second impeachment, calls for his resignation, a staff exodus, potential criminal liability and concern over his mental state.

In a scripted, stilted video, Trump condemned the mayhem unleashed by his supporters in the US Capitol and admitted unequivocally -- more than two months after his election loss -- that he will no longer be president in 12 days.

But presidents don't get credit for pledging a "smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power" after encouraging their mobs to punish another branch of government and doing everything possible to destabilize the nascent administrations of their successors.

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