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This anti-meritocracy budget must be rejected
I know most of you will agree with this – Budget 2021 must be rejected.

Most of you might be angry with EPF and the moratorium. For me, that is a non-issue as there is a solid argument for both sides. But my reasoning on why the budget should be rejected is different – this silly government is focusing too much on creating jobs and providing training, instead of rewarding hard-working Malaysians to work even harder.

My argument is simple. It is not the government’s responsibility to create jobs and provide training for the jobless. It has been proven time and time again that the most efficient way to ensure effective training and quality jobs is by leaving it to the private sector. In short,

instead of the government allocating billions of ringgit to the jobseekers for jobseeking and training, use the money to help the companies and entrepreneurs by creating a more efficient free-market environment.

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