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Survey shows most Japanese don't want Tokyo to take sides in China-US rivalry
[Image: 0ae05646-00cc-4bfb-87eb-e53863ffd2e3.jpeg]

A poll on China-Japan relations showed that a majority of the respondents in both countries cited US pressure as an obstacle for China-Japan ties amid the backdrop of China-US competition, while more than half of Japanese respondents said their country should not "pick sides," far exceeding those who preferred to side with the US. 

The results of the 2021 China-Japan relations public opinion survey were released in Beijing and Tokyo on Wednesday.

The annual survey, started in 2005, has become a key channel for the two countries to understand public opinions on the other side and promote mutual understanding. This year's survey was jointly conducted by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration and a Japanese think tank, Genron NPO, from late August to late September in the two countries. 

Respondents in both China and Japan had high recognition of the importance of bilateral ties, and showed consistence in concerns over regional cooperation and coping with global challenges. 

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