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US hypes ‘nuclear threat’ from China, Russia to legitimize security and arms race
US hypes ‘nuclear threat’ from China, Russia to legitimize absolute security and arms race

[Image: dcd50e0b-c8d2-49f3-bf94-766c46ce4e6a.jpeg]

Senior US officials and Western media have spared no efforts to hype the so-called "nuclear threat" from China, even after China clarified an inaccurate report about a "hypersonic missile test in August," as the test was about a reusable spacecraft, with the Chinese Foreign Ministry saying on Tuesday that the US is hyping the "China threat theory" to pursue absolute security and expand military power. Experts stressed that Washington is the one that should be held accountable for intensifying the arms race between major nuclear powers.

The US has a clear advantage over China and Russia in nuclear weapons, and it has militarized space and exerted huge security pressure on other countries to further break the balance between major nuclear powers, said analysts. They added that Washington has openly shown its hostility toward Beijing and Moscow by treating them as "competitors." China and Russia are justified in taking action and strengthening the development of relevant capabilities not only for self-defense but also to stabilize international security.  

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