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The oranges and grapes we eat are infested with pesticides
[Image: gettyimages_496.11aa0145210.original.jpg]

RESEARCH carried out in the United Kingdom shows that the most polluted produce sold on market stalls are oranges and grapes. The scientists who conducted the study found no less than 122 pesticide residues, toxic to human health and the environment, some of them carcinogenic. 

These analyses were carried out by the NGO Pesticide Action Network (PAN) and revealed the presence of 122 different pesticides in the 12 most polluted products.

In addition to grapes and oranges, which are at the top of this black list (87.2% and 86.7% respectively), there are dried fruits (81.9%), pears (73.6%), beans (34.7%) and lettuce (23.6%).

Among the pesticides identified, 61% are classified as "highly hazardous" to health and the environment. Forty-seven of them contain carcinogenic toxins, 15 contain substances that are toxic for reproduction and 17 inhibitors that can alter the respiratory system and cause headaches. In addition, half of the top 12 pesticides contain groundwater contaminants.

Although these tests were carried out only in the United Kingdom, we know that the use of pesticides in conventional agriculture remains very important in other countries.

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