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Spreading positive Vibes for one year – Terence Fernandez
[Image: vibes_launchinAAA.jpg]

SO, why would Malaysia need another news portal? This was among the questions thrown at us when a motley group of friends – yes, some with deep pockets – got together one evening in the middle of 2020 and dreamed up a platform to bring our standards of journalism to the masses.

The question was a legitimate one. The news business can be a thankless one and it is one that burns money. Here we are in the middle of a global pandemic launching one, with zero idea where the revenue was going to come from – if it was going to come.

Only the commitment of a funder that this is something he will see through for the long haul. Simply because it is something that the nation needs.

And so, with much pomp and pageantry – and fireworks that cost just over RM20,000 (no, not RM1 million as some had erroneously estimated) – The Vibes was launched today, one year ago in Kota Kinabalu.

It coincided with a mini concert that helped provide temporary jobs and respite to the event management and entertainment industry reeling from a lockdown that at the time seemingly had no conclusion.

But, more importantly, The Vibes was launched in the midst of the Sabah election with a promise of “Malaysia. From Every Side”.

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