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Boost borrowing if govt needs more funds, say economists

PETALING JAYA: Borrowing more money may be the government’s best option if it runs into trouble funding current and future aid measures.

In its most recent consumer outlook report, Fitch Solutions, the research arm of international ratings agency Fitch Group, raised doubt over the Malaysian government’s ability to finance current and future stimulus packages due to the various constraints it is facing.

It added that any future stimulus that is announced is not likely to top the aid measures introduced last year, during which RM305 billion in aid was rolled out, including RM55 billion in direct fiscal injection.

Carmelo Ferlito, CEO of the Center for Market Education, said he too had long been concerned with the government’s long-term plan to finance aid measures, particularly as lockdowns had been prolonged and the economic situations of the people and businesses had worsened.

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