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Windows 11 will look different from what you’re used to
Windows 11 will look different from what you’re used to — here are some of the biggest changes
  • Microsoft released its first test build of Windows 11 on Monday.
  • It’s missing big things that the company promised, including Android app support.
  • But there are notable changes to the way Windows works.

[Image: 106904379-1625005274742-start_menu.png?v=1625005816]

With Windows 11, Microsoft is introducing modern touches to the experience of using a PC.

Most noticeably, a new design is meant to help users more quickly get what they’re looking for. The changes go beyond the surface, though. Microsoft is changing the rules of its app store to bring more variety and even bring Android apps to the PC, and adding enhancements that promise to boost gaming. New touchscreen controls and a better way to configure windows on screen might make it easy to sit in front of the computer for long periods.

Much is on the line. Windows is central to Microsoft, as companies use it for their employees’ devices and consumers use it for entertainment. The current version, Windows 10, is the top PC operating system in the world, and the company doesn’t want to lose that leadership position as it faces competition from the likes of Apple and Google.
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