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Self Help Hold for the Skin Surface
[Image: Flows-For-Life-Self-Help-Skin-Surface.jpeg]

Versatile self help hold for the skin

There are many times when our largest organ (the skin) needs help. This is a great Jin Shin Jyutsu self help hold for the skin surface and much more. I have used it in many situations over the years:

Backs of thighs burning up

One night in winter, I felt the backs of my thighs burning up and I couldn’t understand why. Then, I realised that I’d sat down somewhere very cold and my skin was suffering a bit from frostbite! It was really quite sore – so I decided to go to bed and do this hold. After a while I fell asleep, and the next morning there was no sign of any discomfort or discolouration of the skin.

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