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Fully vaccinated Malaysian among 18 new cases in Singapore
[Image: Covid-Test-Singapore-AFP.jpg]

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian man who had completed his vaccination regime in February is among the 18 new Covid-19 cases reported yesterday in Singapore, according to the republic’s health ministry (MOH).

Labelled as Case 64169, the 57-year-old man, who is asymptomatic, works as a land rigger at Jurong Port Pte Ltd.

“His case was detected when he was tested for Covid-19 on June 10 as part of rostered routine testing (RRT). He was immediately isolated when his antigen rapid test (ART) result came back positive, and a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test was administered on the same day.

“His PCR test result came back positive on June 11. His serology test result is negative. His cycle threshold (Ct) value was very high, which is indicative of a low viral load,” said the ministry.

MOH noted that another test taken on June 12 came back negative for Covid-19 infection.

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