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Perak DAP lodges report against Takiyuddin over Parliament sitting
[Image: Aziz-Bari-Balai-Polis-Lahat-240221.jpg]

IPOH: Perak DAP has lodged a police report against de facto law minister Takiyuddin Hassan after he said Parliament will not reconvene during the emergency, which is set to end on Aug 1.

Perak DAP vice-chairman Aziz Bari said Takiyuddin’s stand went against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s clarification that Parliament can meet during the emergency.

“It’s clear that the government doesn’t want to advise the Palace to hold Parliament proceedings and this goes against what is stated under the Emergency Ordinance,” he told reporters after filing the report at the Perak police headquarters here today.

“To wait for the government to advise (the King) is like waiting for cats to grow horns. Anything can happen from now to August, that’s why I’m lodging a police report.”

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