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Hadi Admits There Was A Plot - Congratulates Himself On 'Bloodless' Coup!
[Image: 77f8a662d0d8f5e3eb526a08dc1eeaf3e7557890.jpg]

The significance of the PAS leader’s foolish acknowledgement on Facebook that there was a plot from the start to overturn the GE14 election result cannot be under-played. It opens a myriad of further questions that must now be also answered – beginning with who, what and how?

In the post, where he brags about the ‘success’ of the ‘Sheraton Move’, the ulama cum politician (who has also admitted he lied in advance of the election when he sued Sarawak Report for exposing his secret alliance with UMNO) said the plotting started from the moment BN lost at GE14 and that he was part of it.

Consider the implications. As Sarawak Report recalls (having been falsely charged under this very heading) there is a crime under Malaysian law punishable by 20 years in jail for ‘Activities Detrimental to Parliamentary Democracy’. If plotting to overturn an election result not in your favour the day after the people have spoken does not qualify, then what does?

It gets worse, because this political extremist who has already caused street violence resulting in deaths in the course of his career, crows as an added achievement that these anti-democratic objectives were fulfilled without bloodshed.

The strong implication is that Hadi would have been willing to shed blood (again) had it been necessary to achieve his political goals, ministerial salary and perks, which he plainly equates with ‘Allah’s will’. He describes his acts as ‘clean’ and ‘democratic’, which plainly they are not.

Hadi even alludes to applauding international observers, whom he claims have praised him for managing his coup without killing anyone – he should provide some names.

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