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Kind-hearted restaurant owner earns plaudits for act of generosity
[Image: 00R9UXB0547949B3FDA2EEpx.jpg]

A RESTAURANT owner has won over an initially sceptical netizen with his generosity of spirit. Facebook user Byran King was curious and cynical about the intentions of a restaurant in Melaka that purported to offer free meals to those facing financial difficulties.

Deciding to see whether it was just a clever marketing ploy, Byran who had just moved to the state, decided to check it out for himself.

While paying a visit to the restaurant in Kota Laksamana, Byran asked for the free meal that was advertised on the board outside. He was promptly served a plate of nasi lemak with the restaurant owner offering to grill him extra chicken skewers as there were no other customers at the time. The proprietor even assured the cynical netizen that the sambal would not be spicy.

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