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Make next year’s Bumiputera economic congress the last
Ex-MCA veep: Make next year’s Bumiputera economic congress the last for it’s a platform for graft, self-enrichment
[Image: 2165805.jpg]

ONE wonders if politicians do play a more effective role when they assume the role as opposition members than when they run the country.

A case in point is when DAP is perceived to be more toothless in the realm of the unity government, MCA – the fading star within the Chinese community – has risen to fill the void.

A pertinent example of this is when the latter’s former vice-president Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker boldly called for the Bumiputera Economic Congress scheduled in January 2024 to be scrapped.

The former deputy youth and sports minister that while the Bumiputera economic congress has been in existence for over five decades, it has failed to produce the desired results. Instead, it has become a platform for the greedy to enrich themselves at the expense of the commoners, especially the Malays.

“The congress started when I was three years old. Today, I am over 60 years old. I hope that the coming Bumiputera economic congress will be the last – and that in the future – we can hold a national economic congress,” he articulated in fluent Malay when debating Budget 2024 in the Dewan Negara recently (video of Ti’s debate has since been viralled).

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