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Anwar hammers from New York over disappointing embarrassment back home
[Image: sg05-19122022-cuepacs-bn202212183579-282...174258.jpg]

Letter to editor

OUR Prime Minister (PM) who has taken a hard-working team to the US to clinch the crème de la crème businesses which are eagerly sought after by many nations must be a painfully disappointed leader.

Right thinking Malaysians will understand the frustration felt by our PM who was told by prospective business leaders in New York that business approvals are being delayed too long (and unreasonably for certain) in Malaysia.

Indeed, what this reflects is the long-buried fact that our civil servants – and especially the many little Napoleons – are ruining all the good work of our new government.

It can be very painful for any leader of a nation to be told the truth as to why businesses are not keen to come to invest.

It is time for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to take the bull by the horn upon his return. Enough is enough.

Even Malaysians back home will share their frustrations when dealing with business approving authorities – let alone for many other applications and follow-ups.

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