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Don’t blame current govt for our problems: farmer
[Image: 28092022_-vegetables_chilli_market-_Busi...TIF_21.JPG]

PETALING JAYA – The food production crisis and the high price of essentials plaguing the country are due to the changing climate and the high cost of importing fertilisers and other farming essentials.

Farmer Zaheer Zechariah said the most profitable time to plant is from January to September, but heavy rains and cloud cover have an impact on the yields.

He said for him, the present weather conditions had hurt his farm’s yield, compared to the last one to three years ago when the farm yield had been much higher.

“The present government is not to be blamed for the problems faced by farmers today. Governments over the last nine years had been warned about global warming but had ignored it.

“They had neither prepared farmers nor taken proactive measures to deal with the problem.”

He said rice supply is now becoming an issue as India has banned its exports and Vietnam is slowly cutting down on its exports.

He added all this was due to the unpredictable weather pattern, which is hurting yield and production.

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