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English songs
Love Like This
I Can See You
Calm Down
Left and Right
Woke Up in Love

All of these are wonderful English songs. What do you say about this?
ZAYN - Love Like This

Taylor Swift - I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)

Salena Gomez and Rema's Calm down is my favorite one and on the top of my playlist.

What do say about this?
Well, I read all your posts I agree English songs will be best to listen to in my free time. When I am traveling I have enjoyed this playlist I will share it here. These are
Choose a song that's in English. It can be any song at all
Listen to the song. Do you understand all of the lyrics?
Read the lyrics. Find the lyrics online
Notice pronunciation. You may notice some strange-looking words!
Listen again and join in
Sing along
I hope all these members like this list.

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