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PAS rhetoric alienating non-Muslims pushing Gerakan out of PN
[Image: bersatu-pas-gerakan.jpg]

PAS is using such rhetoric that it is alienating non-Muslims from supporting Perikatan Nasional (PN) and this is also pushing Gerakan, a member of the PN, out of the opposition coalition.

As such, Gerakan is experiencing internal division regarding its continued association with PN, a party member told a local news portal.

The source added that some party members are unhappy with PAS’ statements targeting non-Malays and non-Muslims, fearing they could harm Gerakan’s image. However, they are reluctant to push for a coalition exit to avoid disrupting the political landscape.

The party’s relationship with PAS during the 15th General Election alienated non-Malay voters but there is another wing in the party that prefers to remain with PN, thus accentuating the divide within the party.

“The discontented members do not want the party to be associated with PAS,” the source revealed to Free Malaysia Today.

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