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U-turns and empty promises, the trademark of politicians
[Image: shankar-r-santhiram-columnist-new-170321-1.jpg]

The upcoming state elections are vitally important to all the “players,” there is absolutely no doubt. That importance though, is not really targeting us, the real people who are actually going to be affected by the leadership that runs and manages these six states for the next five years; the “rakyat”.

The players I am referring to are politicians, their political parties, and their odd political coalitions.

Selangor and Penang are the crown jewels that PH have held for 15 years now. Selangor is the highest contributor of GDP in Malaysia, and Penang contributed 29% of the country’s total exports. So, we will see a lot of politicking to retain these two states.

PAS has held Kelantan for over 30 years and the populace there do not seem to mind them, despite muddy water from taps, and a GDP that only beats Perlis, the smallest state in Malaysia. The Kelantanese voters keep giving them landslide victories election after election.

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