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“Give Anwar a chance, Malaysia!”
[Image: 41602672106_TBAnwarIbrahim.jpg]

MANY people out there who are expecting instant reforms from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim are left disappointed when these reforms did not come as fast as they had expected.

While there is nothing wrong with having grandiose expectations, Anwar must be given a reasonable time frame to do his job.

The Tambun MP is merely prime minister for seven months, and it is simply unreasonable to expect reforms to be completed within a short period of time.

If Malaysians can tolerate the twice former prime minister Mahathir Mohammed for first 22 years and later for 22 months, surely Anwar should be given at least one full term to deliver the reforms in various areas.

I agree there is a lot of expectations not just in Malaysia but outside the country for Anwar to steer the country out of the present doldrums brought about by the past governments.

It is not that he should not be criticised but surely an early definitive assessment of his role is a bit premature at this juncture.

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