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What does KJ know?
[Image: 433b375d-geoffrey-williams-columnist-new-230623-1.jpg]

Politicians in the wilderness often start thinking. Perhaps they should have started before being sacked but thinking is always good.

Malaysia’s most famous erstwhile politician Khairy Jamaluddin has started navel gazing at a think tank in Singapore, strangely not at his own think tank here in Malaysia.

After minutes of thought he sees a “clear lack of economic direction” since we have been without him for seven months. The ringgit is sliding and the cost of living is rising. All of this is Anwar Ibrahim’s fault and will cost Pakatan Harapan dearly in the upcoming state elections according to him.

First, Khairy has never held an economic portfolio. At his last job as health minister he failed to solve any of the problems crushing Malaysia’s health system. He has equally nothing to suggest on economic reforms to help the rakyat now.

Second, the unity government has inherited all the current economic problems and is not the cause of them. Structural problems are a consequence of decades of failure in governments in which KJ played a leading role before being kicked out of his own party.

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