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A mischievous attempt to mislead the people
[Image: 9eb8714b-perkampungan-orang-melayu-pulau...0623-3.jpg]

From P Ramasamy

It is ridiculous to compare the “loss” of Malay land in Penang to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

PAS’ manipulation of race and religion in anticipation of the coming state election is mind-boggling to say the least.

Apart from the various accusations and allegations against DAP or the unity government, this time around, the Islamic party has brought to fore the loss of Malay land to non-Malays in Penang over the years.

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Comparing Penang to Palestine trivialises cruelty in Mid East, says group
[Image: 2aa73aec-palestin-ap-160423.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: A Palestinian support group has condemned drawing parallels between the land ownership of Malays in Penang and the long-standing conflict in the Middle East.

BDS Malaysia said such a comparison not only distorted historical facts but also undermined the suffering endured by the Palestinian people for so long.

“The statement is not only wrong historically, but s also hazardous because it trivialises the cruelty that has happened to the Palestinian people for more than seven decades and continues to this day,” the group told FMT.

The group said the Palestinian issue was distinctively different, characterised by “settler-colonialism”, with foreign settlers from Europe colonising Palestine.

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PAS should apologise to Palestinians for insulting their struggle against Zionist
[Image: Hadi-Awang-Bernama-0204211.jpg]

PAS has been lambasted for comparing the plight of the Malays over the land ownership in Penang with the sad and tragic plight of Palestinians in the Middle East.

There cannot be more inappropriate and unwarranted reference by comparing the Malays in Penang with the occupation of Palestinian territory by Israeli occupation forces.

Malays and even non-Malays could have lost their land in Penang due to rapidity of commercialisation and urbanisation. There is no forcible seizures of Malay land, something that PAS was alluding to.

When one talks of Malay land, it is not about individual private holdings but land under wakaf (endowments) agencies which are holding land in the interests of Malays and others.

But unfortunately, PAS never made an attempt to explain what is meant by Malay land ownership nor provide the latest statistics on land ownership and to what extent is there a steady erosion of land ownership.

Since politics continues to cloud the minds of PAS leaders, talking of the dwindling of land ownership of the Malays is just another political strike against the DAP, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition and the unity government.

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