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Japan Speechless & Flabbergasted – Can’t Explain High Covid Deaths
Japan Speechless & Flabbergasted – Can’t Explain High Covid Deaths Despite High Vaccination Rate
[Image: Coronavirus-Japan-Covid-19.jpg]

Statistics show Japan has recorded 31.4 million cases and more than 62,000 deaths due to Covid-19. The figures don’t look too horribly bad compared with the United States that saw more than 100 million cases and more than 1 million deaths. However, the Coronavirus death rate has been on the uptrend in Japan. Even new cases are hitting the roof – despite high vaccination rate.

In December 2021, Japan was the proud nation that reported less than one Covid-19 death per day. It was the only nation in G-7 – the richest seven countries in the world – that remarkably had so few deaths since the pandemic started. The number of cases also plunged from more than 25,000 a day in August 2021 to fewer than 200 a day by December that year.

Even though more than 77% of the nation’s 126 million residents were fully inoculated by the end of 2021, analysts and researchers nevertheless could not explain why the cases and deaths suddenly receded so dramatically in late summer and early fall. It could be due to extremely high vaccination rate, where 92% of those 65 years and older having received two shots.

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