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National debt, including liabilities, has hit RM1.5 tril: Anwar
[Image: 16122022_-_Trading_Hall_at_RHB_Centre_-_...MRAN17.jpg]

PUTRAJAYA – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told government officers that they can no longer live in a culture of contentment, seeing that the national debt including its liabilities has hit RM1.5 trillion.

The prime minister stressed that the government cannot look at things from a “business-as-usual” perspective and must be honest and transparent with the public about the national and global economic situation.

“My approach on economy is different from mine on politics. It must be based on numbers, data, and facts. We cannot lull the public’s minds without looking at reality. What is the reality?

“The reality is that the economic situation has not subsided. It is still gloomy, and this has ties to international and global development such as the Russia-Ukraine war and Covid-19 post pandemic. Even the International Monetary Fund keeps on revising the economy on a downward trend.

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