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The black hole of corruption
[Image: mariam-mokhtar-column-300x400-1.jpg]

In many countries, where corruption involves a company and a government official, both the giver and taker are punished. The timber baron who obtains a permit to log in a protected area should be prosecuted together with the government official who issued him the logging permit. Why is the practice of punishing both giver and taker not observed in Malaysia?

When politicians steal from the taxpayer, they should be handed the maximum punishment.

Many Malaysians think that corruption is just money passing hands from the giver, to the receiver. It is not.

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YOURSAY | ‘Where has all the money gone?’
[Image: 9a0244a78cfac6d38277d8473f018cfe.jpg=s800]

BOBBYO: That is why the whole civil service needs to be revamped. Hundreds of billions spent until this small nation today is in a trillion-ringgit debt.

Where has the money gone? Into the pockets of the politicians, cronies, and families? Shameless betrayers of the nation, who are responsible for the state the nation is in.

Buying mediocre items at top prices is just one area of purchase. Not forgetting the many other ministries and their agencies. Hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money are spent, year in and year out.

If only they have shown some form of loyalty to the nation, we would today have the best structures to protect against serious disasters like floods or warnings of future catastrophes in place.

It has been as if everyone was working in their own best interest. Right from the top, right down to the office boy level.

We need to stop these wastages, corruption activities, and massive overlapping agencies to divert the funds to where the need is indeed great.

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