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Chinese drug firms, stores rush to meet surging demand for fever
Chinese drug firms, stores rush to meet surging demand for fever, cold drugs after easing of anti-COVID measures
[Image: be41b300-da09-4f2d-a2a0-06bbb66a0191.jpeg]

China’s pharmaceutical sector is scrambling to boost market supplies as demand surges for fever and cold drugs after the relaxing of epidemic control measures.

Skyrocketing demand has stretched supplies and pushed up prices. Local governments and drug suppliers are working to stabilize inventory and urging consumers not to hoard medications.

A press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council was held in Beijing on Thursday, during which a new guideline on home quanrantine was issued, together with a list of recommended drugs including ibuprofen, aspirin and Lianhua Qingwen.

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I'm doing some research on Cipro because my doctor recommended it for my UTI.
Thanks for the update on the situation in China. Seeing the rush for fever and cold medications after the easing of anti-COVID measures is definitely concerning. It's understandable that people want to be prepared, but it's important to remember not to hoard medications and to only take what we need. As for me, I had a really bad case of COVID earlier this year and was unable to get vaccinated because I was taking anticonvulsant medications from at the time. It was a tough experience, but fortunately, I was able to recover. I hope that the situation with COVID improves soon for everyone, not just in China but around the world.

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