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“Will there be a dawn of a new era on Nov 19 or will we fade more into oblivion?”
[Image: GE15-CNA.jpg]

STAY out of jail card for some. If this happens, Bursa Malaysia is likely to see a sell down the following week.

Those who are planning for new schemes to steal tax payers’ monies or are in the process of doing so but ceased due to the 15th General Election (GE15) and those who have benefitted previously will be having their celebratory gathering close to midnight on that day for the expected windfall that will follow.

Lifelong ambition of one man realised. Will Bursa Malaysia benefit from this or the stock market reaction will be muted?

Losers on Nov 19 will go back to the drawing board to hatch sinister schemes on how to stage another “Sheraton Move”.

Lies will be created to spread hatred and fears again on contention that winners on Nov 19 will start carrying out measures to minimise or marginalise their communities.

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