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Anwar Ibrahim a tool of DAP, really? – Rocky Bru
[Image: 05112021_-_KUL_-_DAP_building_symbol_par...ien-08.jpg]

IN his quest to become prime minister for the second time in 2018, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had to bring himself to do two things many had thought impossible and unthinkable: the first was to embrace Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the former deputy prime minister he had incarcerated and accused of sodomy 20 years earlier; and the second to eat humble pie and kowtow to DAP, the party that he had for decades labelled as an anti-Malay spectre so that he and Umno would continue to get the god-fearing Malay-Muslims votes, especially in the kampung.

Dr Mahathir even went public to say that I now realise DAP is not chauvinist at all.

When he became PM, he made Lim Guan Eng the finance minister and turned his charms full on to become the love of the lives of the likes of Hannah Yeoh and Tony Pua.

There was no happy ending to that short-lived fairy tale, as we all know, and DAP is back in Pakatan Harapan, solidly behind Anwar Ibrahim once more.

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