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Glutathione: 14 Benefits of the Master Antioxidant [Plus Diet and Supplements]
It seems the latest and greatest to cure all of our health woes is invented every month… But maybe the answer exists in your body already.

Enter glutathione.

Glutathione is the most abundant antioxidant in our bodies. In fact, virtually every organism on Earth has some glutathione in its cells.
And for good reason. This “master” antioxidant protects the human body like few others. Without adequate levels of glutathione, you are at risk of dangerous medical conditions, including stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease.

But when glutathione levels are healthy, that’s when the magic happens. You can not only prevent health problems, but possibly experience amazing energy, glowing skin, a strong heart, and a sharp brain.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to learn about the research that backs this up.

What is glutathione?
Glutathione is a potent antioxidant found in both plants and animals. Often called the “master antioxidant,” glutathione also boosts (recycles) other antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10.

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