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Russia pockets €158 bil in energy exports after war: report
[Image: 20220321-liquefied_natural_gas_LNG_flame...ay_pic.jpg]

PARIS – Russia has raked in a whopping €158 billion (RM706.9 billion) in energy exports in the six months following its invasion of Ukraine, with the EU accounting for more than half, a think tank said today.

The Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air called for more effective sanctions against Moscow after the invasion sent oil, gas and coal prices soaring.

“Surging fossil fuel prices mean that Russia’s current revenue is far above previous years’ level, despite the reductions in this year’s export volumes,” said the Finland-based organisation.

Natural gas prices have recently soared to record levels in Europe as Russia chokes off supplies. Crude oil prices also jumped following the invasion, although they have since pulled back.

“Fossil fuel exports have contributed approximately €43 billion to Russia’s federal budget since the start of the invasion, helping fund war crimes in Ukraine,” said Crea.

The figures concern the six months following Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

During this period, the Crea estimated that the European Union was the top importer of Russian fossil fuel exporters, at €85.1 billion.

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