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Dear MPs, please vote for our children’s future wellbeing
[Image: FMT-VAPERS-280819-7.jpg]

From Dr Amar-Singh HSS, Dr Selva Kumar, Dr Musa Mohd Nordin, Dr Zulkifli Ismail & Dr Thiyagar Nadarajaw

The critical Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill is to be tabled in Parliament this week. It is one of the most critical bills that will affect the health and social wellbeing of many generations of our children. It is vital that all MPs are fully aware of the issues and support this important bill.

It is important to remember that the bill does not limit smoking in adults but aims to stop the sale and use of cigarettes and vaping products in all children born from 2005, that is those who will be 18 in 2023.

Smoking is a fast growing epidemic in our children.

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