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There’s a massive pile-up of car, furniture exports bound for U.S.
There’s a massive pile-up of car, furniture exports bound for U.S. and it’s spreading across European ports
  • Ikea furniture, auto parts, and automobiles are delayed at major European ports.
  • Labor slowdowns and strikes are crippling container trade at both German and Netherland ports.
  • The backlog of containers will take months to clear out.

[Image: 107083781-1656682907598-EUROPES_SUPPLY_C...656690879&]

Labor slowdowns and strikes at the German and Netherland ports are creating a massive pile-up of export containers bound for the U.S. that will take months to clear out.

According to the bills of lading found through ImportGenius, some of the items that are exported out of these ports are critical components to the auto sector like lithium batteries, fully assembled automobiles, as well as a wide variety of auto parts, and chassis.

Mercedes, BMW, and Ford were listed in recent U.S. Customs filings.

“U.S. importers need to look four to five weeks in advance to see if there is a vessel available,” said Andreas Braun, Europe, Middle East, and Africa ocean product director of Crane Worldwide Logistics. “This is not normal. Also, if you are lucky to book a slot on a vessel you then have to locate an empty container which can be in the hinterland.”

Home decor, flooring, and furniture from Ikea were also listed.

“The congestion from these ports is spreading to other major ports in Europe,” Braun said.

Slowdowns in vessel arrival, container processing, and container availability as well as trucking are common problems.

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