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Hamidin praises Pan-gon for Harimau Malaya success
[Image: 14062022_-_Malaysia_vs_Bangladesh_52-RAZAK_LATIF.JPG]

KUALA LUMPUR – South Korean Kim Pan-gon was announced as the new head coach of the national football team in January and has since done what none of his recent predecessors have ever been able to do for Malaysia – qualify for the Asian Cup. 

According to Football Association of Malaysia president Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin, not everyone is cut out to become a great international team head coach, but Pan-gon deserves the credit. 

“To be a good coach for an international team, especially one that is not your nationality, is not a simple task.

“You can’t just take any coach and expect them to make a country perform on an international stage,” he said after Malaysia’s 4-1 defeat over Bangladesh that secured their spot in the 2023 Asian Cup.

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