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Investigators believe China Eastern flight disaster was deliberate
[Image: Rescue_workers_rest_near_the_crash_site_...FP_pic.jpg]

WASHINGTON – US investigators believe someone on board deliberately crashed a China Eastern flight in March, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, in what was China's deadliest air disaster in decades.

China Eastern flight MU5375 was travelling from Kunming to Guangzhou on March 21 when it inexplicably plunged from an altitude of 29,000 feet into a mountainside, killing all 132 people on board.

So-called black box flight data recorders recovered from the site were sent to the United States for analysis.

That data shows that someone – possibly a pilot or someone who had forced their way into the cockpit – input orders to send the Boeing 737-800 into a nosedive, according to Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the probe.

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