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Nature, Reality, & Buddhism
Why is it hard to learn the truth?  Why are we breathing, thinking, and talking of here and now?  Why is there something instead of nothing?  To see the truth, it is necessary to unravel the matrix of all.  We know that things happen because they can be known and felt by our senses.  And our mind will interpret it as innumerable conditions that we must go through, persevere, go on, or undertake, inevitably.  As phenomena existed long before we realise or understood them, we are condemned to ignorance.
Meanwhile, the process of becoming is the basis for all the activities we observe here and now.  When there is a process to become, there will be a floating opportunity that conjures up energy.  It is something that has remained a constant, according to the Energy Conservation Law.  On another note, energy and matter are two aspects of the same thing, which is that the two are only reflected in different configurations, as shown in Einstein’s formula, E = mc2.
In dependent nature, all is made of energy and there is a need for equilibrium, or a constant factor is impossible.  And the natural law that governs balance is known as the law of kamma which is largely articulated in Buddhism.  This is a law of great scope because of the prevalence of myriad frequencies under infinitely conditional phenomena.  Consequently, the specific work of kamma results should not be conjectured and it will bring insanity and vexation to anyone who has conjectured about them.
For the general understanding, the processes of integration will unfold under balanced phenomena which evoke forms by variation, whereas we could see its absence under imbalanced phenomena.  Nonetheless, it is imperative to note that anything that exists intrinsically will not involve change and the created objects cannot exist intrinsically because it implies change. Therefore, any activity resulting from variation cannot exist inherently, as there will be processes that will change over and over again.
In other words, Mother Nature is universal and includes all the inherent and dependent aspects.  It is a system with the inherent quality of emptiness that can be better known as the deepest fact of all.  This means that it exists beyond the mind, beyond concepts or words, and bears the characteristics of without beginning and without end.  Most trained minds are capable of perceiving such a reality and Buddhism implies the transformation of ignorance into enlightenment.
After all, emptiness is the primary source of perceptible realities.  The depths of this discovery vary, depending on who makes the disclosure; and the particular situation (and orator) affects its perceived authority.  The world is not closed: those who see, read, hear, and evaluate themselves can find the truth they desire.  With the right attitude, we could discover a new horizon of being without boundaries, without stereotypes, and without labels.  Happy reading and have a wonderful day!
Do Angels, Demons, Energy Beings, Ghosts, and Witchery exist?

The fabric of spacetime is completely occupied by consciousness, namely the elements of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  It is essentially a synergy that has the ability to spread and penetrate through all corresponding planes of existence simultaneously.  In fact, all the different planes of existence are the final outcome of polarity in the traits of consciousness with the mind which serves as precursor of the different traits of frequency.  As a result, there is always a reality parallel to the other dimension of the cosmos and all the different dimensions or realities would vibrate in different frequencies (at a faster or a slower speed than one another). 
For general understanding, human beings who encounter ghosts or spirits, as well as aliens, are among the few examples of parallel reality distinguished by mental frequencies.  Fundamentally, there are variations and conditioned relations in the consciousness between beings; it is not identical or completely separate.  In other words, the new consciousness is neither identical nor wholly different from the old consciousness, but it is part of a causal continuum or stream with it. In fact, the duality or multiplicity of circumstances, as observed by our mind consciousness, will be the revealing signs of the fluctuating vibratory frequencies that will arise in the cosmos.  The basic rule is that a higher vibratory frequency would give a process to get slower and vice versa.  The applicable principle: -

Present-dynamism      =         Frequency    x     Becoming
         (constant)                       (higher rate)         (lower rate)

For instance, in comparison, the clock appears to be faster in the human plane than in the heavenly plane as a higher vibration frequency would cause a process to become slower.  For this reason, from a human point of view, all celestial beings are supposed to have lived in a continuum of eternity.  In the end, the fluctuation of vibrational frequencies among the different planes of existence would cause variations in terms of relative chronology.  Meanwhile, a wormhole is viewed as a portal for different planes of existence.  First, the object or matter has to be within the subject’s frequency horizon; without it, observation would be impossible.  This means that all existences with higher vibrational frequencies would be capable of discerning other existences with lower vibrational frequencies and not the other way around.  For example, time travel could happen within the human domain and it is commonly known as trance.  In trances, we can ask the different spirits to guide us and the innate mental consciousness of the medium is the gateway to such spiritual communication.

Let us look at the photo images below: -

[Image: tiwO9XR.jpg]
[Image: 6QCfMpw.jpg]
[Image: d4ji3yy.jpg][Image: xaSTUqy.jpg][Image: OrHDOgc.jpg][Image: sNnivG1.jpg][Image: bkWdGBW.jpg][Image: zP2QNnp.jpg][Image: ROr9xSV.jpg][Image: 7NGwseb.jpg]
Energy Is Space In Tango, Space Is Energy At Play
Energy is generally represented as a vibration, which is the presence of opposing forces.  The alternating motion of the opposing forces would then generate a continuum of undulating patterns swinging back and forth.  This may be elucidated by a tango dance (a partner dance) where space is meant as energy to play on a dance floor.  In the meantime, the intersection of low-frequency energy waves in space is called matter.  This is something that occupies space due to the conversion of mobile waves into standing energy waves.  In other words, energy and matter are only two aspects of the same thing; the two are mirrored differently under conditional phenomena.   Here are some illustrations: -
[Image: UtA1cqC.jpg][Image: C3sVdhC.jpg][Image: BwrDnAl.jpg][Image: QAwmy1c.jpg][Image: E63LKfr.jpg][Image: mukiAZg.jpg]

The Creation Of Atoms And Molecules
1.  Firstly, atoms and molecules are formed by crystallising low-frequency energy waves.  As shown, atom A would be formed in the beginning, followed by atom B, atom C, and atom D.  The interactive waves of energy produced a clockwise rotational force between the space of atom A and atom B.  At the same time, atom A and atom B turn in the respective counter-clockwise direction.
2.  When atom C is formed, it would be attracted to adjoining atoms, say, atom B.  This is mainly due to the prevalence of differential pressure in the surrounding area and a strong bond would then form, just like the pair of rubber cymbals kissing. From there, a new molecule is formed, say, the B-C molecule.  Similarly, the attraction between atom A and atom D would produce the A-D molecule.
3.  At the same time, the B-C molecule and the A-D molecule would be drawn together according to Bernoulli’s principle, that is, when the velocity of the substance around the objects rises, the pressure decreases.  Afterwards, the molecules would travel towards each other in accelerated motion, and it is a mark of gravitational force.
4.  Finally, the respective atoms in the molecules would cease auto-rotation and begin to vibrate in the form of standing waves.   Later, the newly bonded molecules would assume a counter-clockwise rotation that is coupled with disturbances in the curvature of spacetime.  A new spiral-shaped gravitational wave would appear in a diffusing pattern as a result of natural aerodynamic flows.

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