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Beijing 2022 to 'break even,' has immeasurable long-term economic benefits
[Image: 8e4d6f55-7928-4f25-9512-a2534fd3f6d0.jpeg]

In a sign of their sharp business mind, many Chinese are discussing on social media the balance sheet of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which concluded just on Sunday but continue to occupy people's mind with lingering effects. 

The Beijing Winter Games will have a large chance of breaking even, and may even come at a small profit, industry insiders and analysts predicted, although the long-term economic benefits are what really count, with millions of people to benefit from the Winter Games' legacy in the years, even decades, to come.

While the official audit of the Games is yet to be announced, analysts and economists said the event could basically break even, in line with official forecasts by the organizing committee of Beijing 2022, due to Beijing's implementation of the concept of delivering a frugal Olympic Games, China's advantages in population base and social system.

Unlike many of its predecessors, the Beijing Winter Olympics, the greenest gathering in the history of Olympic Movement, was by no means an extravagant event.

Based on current estimates, the Beijing Winter Olympics have achieved a balanced budget, Yan Jiarong, spokesperson for the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, told a press conference in Beijing on February 1.

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