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When have we Malaysians ever really been free?
[Image: shankar-r-santhiram-columnist-new-170321-1.jpg]

Of late, there have been many protests around the world by those who reject the new controls and restrictions being imposed in the face of the continuing onslaught of the coronavirus.

Central to their argument, is the notion of freedom. They scream and protest “…give us our freedoms back, we will not be enslaved”.

Equally vociferous, on the opposite side, are those who advocate mandated booster shots, continued controls, and restrictions. They want to name and shame those who resist inoculations and incarcerate those who don’t follow the regulations.

Their argument is also about freedom, “…control and sort this mess out, so that we can be free again”.

Both sides of the divide claim the moral high ground for freedom.

But were we ever “free”?

I see myself as a fairly even-minded person. I have always told myself that I am the master of my own destiny, and that I will act on my convictions.

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