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Havana Syndrome may be caused by ‘pulsed energy’
[Image: _123106032_gettyimages-1233001758.jpg]

Pulsed electromagnetic energy "plausibly explains" some of the cases of the mysterious "Havana Syndrome" illness, a new US intelligence community report says.

There has been a contentious debate over whether symptoms afflicting US staff around the world were caused by some kind of device or were psychological in nature.

The latest report from a US Intelligence Community panel of experts says the symptoms are "genuine and compelling" and may have been caused by an external source.

But the panel does not look at who might be responsible.

Beginning in Havana, Cuba in 2016, US intelligence officers and diplomats began complaining of an array of unusual symptoms. At first, the claims were largely dismissed within government.

But in the last year, they have been taken more seriously with US officials have been encouraged to report similar symptoms. That has led to a flood of cases, numbering at least a thousand from around the world.

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