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Ipoh freak storm leaves CNY reunion dinner plans in ruins
[Image: ribut-ipoh-bernama-310122-1.jpg]

IPOH: The victims of a freak storm here will have to forego the traditional Chinese New Year family reunion dinner this year because of the damage caused to over 200 houses in several areas here.

The victims said their houses were badly damaged and had their roof tiles blown away by the strong winds in the incident at about 6pm yesterday.

Even sadder, the situation forced some residents to take shelter at a relief centre in Dewan Tawas, while other victims chose to stay with relatives.

Ten Chee Kin, 45, said he worked in Kuala Lumpur and had returned home to Kampung Tawas here to celebrate Chinese New Year with relatives and friends.

The storm and the damage it caused had dampened his spirit to celebrate the festive occasion.

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