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Mysterious plane or boat fragment washes ashore in Desaru, causing a stir
[Image: 20220131-desaru_mysterious_object_2-no_credit.jpeg]

KUALA LUMPUR – A buzz erupted among beachgoers at a section of the Desaru coast in Johor on Friday evening when what seemed to be a part of an aeroplane was found washed ashore from the South China Sea.

The material was dotted with barnacles, indicating that it had been at sea for quite a long time.

What particularly added to the excitement and curiosity was that it had red and blue colourings on it.

However, preliminary findings indicate it could be part of a light aircraft which may have gone down in the South China Sea many years ago, or even from a marine vessel.

Alerted by The Vibes, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong immediately put his officers on the find.

“I will issue a statement after being briefed so we know the proper context,” he said.

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